Chris vs Chris 2a

Who’s The Cuter Chris?

With two action blockbusters opening within a week of each other, we’ll be at the movies and back again. To help you decide which to watch first, here’s our comparison of the headlining hotties.

Chris Hemsworth crop


AGE: 32


HAILS FROM: Melbourne, Australia

MAKES EVERYTHING LOOK EASY: “Kevin is a big, dumb puppy dog… He takes hold of the equipment, gets a bike, builds his own uniform and says, ‘Look, I’m one of the gang now.’”

CLAIM TO FAME: Thor (2011), as the hot-headed hammer-wielding god of thunder and lightning.

OCCASIONALLY TRIES TO BE HUMAN: As George T Kirk – yep, Capt James’ old man – in Star Trek Into Darkness (2013).

HAS A LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD: “Eating when you’re not that hungry and taking in that amount of food is exhausting.”

ALWAYS GETS MISTAKEN FOR: Liam Hemsworth, younger brother and on-off squeeze of Miley Cyrus.

AVAILABILITY: Sorry, darlings, he’s been married to wife Elsa since 2010 and they have three children.

SEE HIM IN: Ghostbusters, as Kevin, the ghoul-fighting trio’s endearingly dumb-blonde receptionist. Opens in cinemas in Singapore July 14. Click here for the trailer.


Chris Pine Star Trek Beyond


AGE: 35

STANDS AT: 1.83m

HAILS FROM: Los Angeles, United States

MAKES EVERYTHING LOOK EASY: “There was no sense in trying to re-create what [William] Shatner had done… That actually takes pressure off me. I’m going my own way.”

CLAIM TO FAME: The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004), as a rival-turned-romantic interest to Anne Hathaway’s character.

OCCASIONALLY TRIES TO BE HUMAN: As Steve Trevor, the intelligence officer who has an open crush on the upcoming Wonder Woman (2017).

HAS A LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD:  “You’ve got Thor, you’ve got Captain America. These guys are eating 5,000, 7,000 calories, waking up just to eat food, eating 15 meals a day. For your liver, I don’t think that’s healthy.”

ALWAYS GETS MISTAKEN FOR: Josh Duhamel, star of Transformers and has been married to Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie since 2009.

AVAILABILITY: Still on the market. Exes include Olivia Munn, who once sent him sexy photos of herself with instructions on the rude things he could do to/with her.

SEE HIM IN: Star Trek Beyond, as Captain James T Kirk, the suave intergalactic commander with a weakness for daredevil stunts and time travel. Opens in cinemas in Singapore July 21. Click here for the trailer.