Where To Get Fit Fast

At boutique studio SouthEast Active, getting into shape comes in the form of 3 “B”s: burn, build and bend. CATCH asks owner Jacqueline Wong for tips.


What led you to start SouthEast Active (SEA)?
I do Muay Thai and to be able to physically peak for a competition, I knew I had to incorporate cardio and functional training into my regime. I’d do sprints, plyometrics, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, as well as core exercises, about two to three times every week.

As Muay Thai is a high-impact sport, my muscles felt tight all the time hence I became prone to injury. To counter that, I picked up yin yoga as the stretches helped to relax my muscles. When a fall led to two spinal discs popping out of my spine – I was in pain and couldn’t move at all – I turned to barre to speed up my recovery.

That led to another dilemma. Finding a gym that allowed me to do all three activities was frustrating, especially since my training schedule was hectic. It explains why SEA offers all three elements of cardio, strength training and stretching.


Who does SEA hope to appeal to?
Anyone can benefit from our classes. There are sporty ones like me who want to take our fitness to the next level, and sedentary ones like my mother who had a back surgery and is trying to restart her exercise regime. In between, there are those like my sister, who is a yoga teacher with superhuman flexibility but can’t jog a block without panting. #giggle


Tell us more.
Our classes include Barre, Cube HIIT, SEA Core and Yin Yoga.

Barre uses ballet techniques, pilates principles and tempo, and yoga stretches. You’ll strengthen all the muscles in the arms, thighs, calves and butt. Cube HIIT incorporates bodyweight exercises, dynamic movements and equipment like battle ropes, soft plyometric jump cubes and suspension straps.

Yin Yoga is meditative practice, with essential oils, soothing sounds, long-held deep poses, mostly on the mat. It helps improve fluidity, soothe achy muscles and joints, and quieten stressed minds.

SEA Core is the class I think everyone should incorporate into their fitness schedule. It focuses on building a strong core, which will make your sport or activity much more effective. We developed this ourselves, drawing elements from core yoga, pilates mat work and plyometric moves.


So what’s the quickest way to get into shape?
Every fitness instructor will tell you that input equals output, and there are no shortcuts to getting fit. Our motto is “burn, build, bend” – torch fat, build muscle, and recover.

We burn (fat) with cardio-driven classes like Cube HIIT and Barre; build (muscle) with SEA Core, Cube HIIT and, to some extent, Barre; and Bend with Yin Yoga. Most people neglect the recovery part of fitness, and only seek it when the body gets too tired and tight.

What’s the point of being super-strong if you’re not fast? Or what’s the point of being explosive if you’re bent over like an 80-year-old because of backache and knee injuries?

For more information on SouthEast Active or to book a class, click here ( or WhatsApp +65 9366 5000.