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What’s For Lunch?

If eating at the desk sums up your mid-day break, a pretty lunch bag will be sure to perk things up. No appointment required!


Prepd Pack Lunchbox
This is one not-to-be-missed lunch special. What you get is a Prepd bamboo case, modular containers, magnetic silverware, an insulated non-slip eating mat, along with a Prepd app with access to healthy recipes tailor-made by professional chefs and nutritionists for Prepd containers.

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Naiise Tiffin_Carrier

WWW Trades Tiffin Carrier
The Japanese have their bento boxes but we – or at least Grandma – had this three-tier thriller. Soups and sauces are kept separate, so no soggy meals, thank you! Just think how cool it will make you look at Raffles Place. TWWW (The Way We Were) is the brainchild of local artist Tan Zi Xi aka MessyMsxi and copywriter Lua Ai Wei.

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Le Sac En Kraft Brun
This made-in-France, four-ply craft paper bag is virtually indestructible and even comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s held everything from laundry to potted plants but we think the brown paper makes it excellent for a sandwich and cookies. A plastic liner will help prevent soil and spills.

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Vintage tupperwear

Vintage Tupperware Carryall
Does a hearty three-course meal at the office turn you on? But if finding room for soup, main, dessert, salad and cheese (depends on whether you’re dieting) is a challenge, a smarter way is to stack them up. We love how retro it makes us feel already!

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To Go Boxes

To-go Boxes
Turn last night’s leftovers into a delectable lunch? Easy-peasy! Box it up with one of these appetite-inducing takeout boxes, and dress it up with a cute ribbon. At a steal of $4.81 for five (Monday to Friday), even the most mundane fried rice will taste Michelin-fine.

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