Serve, Game & Love

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So intrinsically linked are the two that tennis champ Chris Evert famously halted a US Open match in 1987 when her diamond bracelet came loose. She was considerably more concerned with retrieving her baubles than the game that her career hinged on.

Since then, bracelets with an inline string of diamonds became affectionately known as tennis bracelets. And to prevent such instances of jewellery malfunction, they are now fitted with a safety clasp – so you can have and hold them forever.

Here’s what money can buy you these days.

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 Eighties series tennis bracelet in white gold with brilliant-cut diamonds, Larry Jewelry
The excess of the ‘80s spills over into jewellery with this elaborate bracelet that features sparkling ideal-cut Lazare diamonds. More is infinitely more.

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 Tiffany Jazz bracelet in platinum with brilliant-cut diamonds, Tiffany & Co.
Alternately sized diamonds offers a thoroughly modern take on this cherished classic. Though encased in platinum, there is an unmistakable hint of casual.

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Tiffany Summer UK 2011 Page 11

Tiffany Legacy bracelet in platinum with brilliant-cut diamonds, Tiffany & Co.
Art deco fans will be pleased. Assembled from brilliant-cut diamonds of all sizes, this stands out for all the right reasons – unusual design, unparalleled brilliance and timeless appeal. Love!

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Juliette bracelet in white gold with rose-cut diamonds, Damiani
Imagined from Dutch rose-cut diamonds with 280 facets, this trinket is the stuff made of dreams. The shine is further souped up by a glistening orb that surrounds each stone.

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