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One Of These Cleansers Can Give You Lovelier, Healthier Skin

Achieving beautiful and healthy skin is all about discipline. Yes, it’s important to wash your face every morning, every evening, and after a workout.

Washing your face removes the layer of dead skin cells and debris that’s collected throughout when you were sleeping, working, and exercising. Cleansing allows ingredients from other skincare products such as moisturiser to penetrate deeper into the skin and work better. This is especially crucial at night as the skin goes into repair and regeneration modes.

Proper cleansing helps to boost hydration. Adequate moisture levels in your skin alleviate dryness and maintain suppleness, hence keeping your complexion breakout-free and beautiful.

Here’s how to choose the right cleanser:

1. Know your skin type.

  • Oily Skin

    Excess sebum production results from a variety of reasons, including genetics and stress, and often causes your face to appear shiny by noon. Pores can become clogged and enlarged, leaving you vulnerable to pimples and dullness.

    Estee Lauder Advanced Night Cleansing Foam

    Estee Lauder Advanced Night Cleansing Foam, $52 (100ml)

    Formulated to cleanse your skin and preserve its natural moisture balance at the same time, this works by micro-purifying, micro-revitalising and micro-nourishing. Suitable for all skin types, it removes makeup, impurities and pollutants easily, prepping skin for your evening regime. Goodies like safflower oil, minerals and essential micro-nutrients also help to smooth, soothe and refresh your skin. A blend of lavender and chamomile scents turns cleansing into a very relaxing experience too.

    Available at Estee Lauder.

  • Dry Skin

    When your skin cannot produce or retain enough moisture, the surface will become dry and start to crack. It tends to feel tight, rough and even red. Since your skin is less elastic, you might develop wrinkles more easily.

    RMK Smooth Cleansing Oil

    RMK Smooth Cleansing Oil, $49 (175ml)

    Made with a variety of plant-derived oils, including orange peel, sunflower seed, and carrot, this does everything from softening and moisturising to exfoliating. Despite its name, the texture is light as water so there is no greasy residue. This oil dissolves and rids waterproof makeup and excess sebum on the skin surface, and even goes into pores to purge dirt and grime. With three to four pumps of oil on your palm, blend into makeup and emulsify with wet or dry hands, then rinse off with lukewarm water.

    Available at RMK.

  • Sensitive Skin

    Some women have a hyperactive immune system that perceives various ingredients or conditions as foreign. Each trigger often has its own symptom. For example, if your skin experiences a stinging sensation, it could be reacting to an ingredient, like retinoid, which is often present in anti-ageing products.

    Orbis =U White Jelly Wash

    Orbis =U White Jelly Wash, $32 (120g)

    The key to brighter skin is your battle against pigmentation and spots. This has safflower extract that combats melanin formation and build-up to improve skin translucency, and a W.H. Amino Shield to fortify skin enzymes against harmful UV rays for greater radiance. Its jelly-like consistency gives a gentle cleanse hence skin doesn’t feel tight or dry after. Those with sensitive skin will be pleased to know that it’s free of oil, fragrance, alcohol and artificial colour.

    Available at Orbis.

2. Keep premium ingredients in your moisturiser.

“They’re most effective when they stay concentrated on the skin,” says Dr Brad Katchen, a dermatologist in the US. Allowing them to wash down the drain is a waste of your money.

3. Observe when you are using the cleanser.

Your skin reacts differently in different climates. When it is hotter, you tend to perspire more, so a heavier cleanser is required to remove more oil and grime.  When it gets cooler, on the other hand, a lighter cleanser is better as it does not strip away moisture and prevents dryness.

Also, you may prefer a richer formulation for the evening, since it will be more effective in cleansing away sunscreen, makeup as well as impurities from the environment during the day. If you wear waterproof makeup, be sure to remove with micellar water before following with a cleanser.

4. Give it time.

Instead of hurrying to wash your cleanser off, let it sit on your face for a minute, suggests Joshua Zeichner, an assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in the US. This gives the active ingredients some time to break up and carry away the sebum and grime. Help your cleanser work better by working it in a circular motion with your fingertips. This gentle massaging boosts blood and oxygen circulation.

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