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Not Your Regular Yoga Mats

Here’s where to hit for delectable designs.

Sankalpa Chakra-Power-Flowe-White-Logo-Resized crop

Made of 100% natural rubber, Sankalpa is not only eco-friendly but also features a no-slip, microfibre top that grips despite sweat and moisture. You might even want to submit a design and watch your doodle turn into a work of (yoga mat) art. The spare cash you pick up from the royalty fee will come in handy for a yoga retreat.
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Sugarmat crop

The Botany Landscape and Geometric Essential collections come with a non-slip suede top for optimal moisture management. Mats are available in 1.5mm or 3mm thickness to suit different levels of practice or if you plan to lug the mat around often. Big plus point – it’s machine-washable. Don’t forget to check out its capsule collection of matching yoga apparel.
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La vie Boheme-Dreamer-flat_1024x1024 crop

La Vie Boheme Yoga
One of these landscape mats purportedly packs you off to dream land. With a 6.2mm thickness, these babies will keep you safe while teleporting.
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Spiritual Revolution namaste crop

Spiritual Revolution Yoga
A reverse grip technology improves grip when the soft-top cover becomes wet. Proprietary designs also raise vibrational frequency to enhance your yogic experience.
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Magic Carpet YM crop

Magic Carpet Yoga Mat
Step right up for this magic ride. At a glance, this mat could well pass off as a Moroccan rug but the vivid shades of the seven chakras woven into the design mix give the game away intentionally. The colours are sustainable UV-cured inks by the way.
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Rave Nectar fractalized

Rave Nectar
It doesn’t get better than this for tripped-out yoginis looking to take their beliefs to their mat. Individually designed by budding artists, no two mats are remotely alike. This Kickstarter collective throws its weight behind artists who continue to push the limits with boundless imagination. You too can do your part by picking up a mat.
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This is Love crop


This Is Love
Inspired by carpets and tiles from storied cities such as Morocco and Portugal, this home-grown brand offers mats made from materials that are respectful of nature. These 4.5mm mats are guaranteed to offer up a safe (read: good grip) practice and available in very limited quantities. Grab them while you can.
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Key image: flickr photo by KimManleyOrt shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

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