Making Sense Of Your Soul

Spoiler alert: questions about your past, present and future all answered! Akashic reader Ruby Tan speaks to CATCH.

As an Akashic Reader, what do you do?
I access a person’s Akashic Records. These records contain very personal information about your past lives. Written consent from the person is required before I proceed to open the records by reciting a prayer.

What happens during an Akashic Reading?
When your records are open, they show the origins of your soul, every reincarnation you have had, as well as the lessons and wounds you’ve carried to this lifetime, etc. You ask questions and I answer with the information that comes through visions, emotions or sensations. Sometimes I relay the advice from the Akashic Master who safeguards the records. A session can be held in person or via video chat.

How do people benefit from a Reading?
It goes back to the head-versus-heart dilemma. A Reading can help link the spiritual and logical and bring forth understanding and healing. Advice based on the Records also allows some people to take action or make a decision, hence leading to relief for them. Besides Akashic Masters, I have also encountered spirit guides, faeries, angels, and a deceased friend once, in the Records.

Tell us about the “relief” part.
Every lifetime is an opportunity to heal… there may be wounds that aren’t resolved, and/or sometimes we get new ones.

For me, I have always had an irrational fear of fish in sea, especially sharks. I never ventured too far beyond the beach, or I’d be constantly scanning the water for fish. If I sighted one, I hurried out of the water. I knew there was something else at play here.

My Akashic Records confirmed that I’d indeed fallen into the waters in a previous life and was surrounded by dangerous fish. As a result of the trauma, I worked on land in subsequent lifetimes, unwilling to tackle that fear again.

Knowing this helped me understand my irrational fear. And I chose to take the fear head-on in this lifetime – if I can conquer this fear, I don’t have to carry it over to the next lifetime. Plus, I really love the ocean and want to enjoy its beauty without inhibition.

How often can we go for a Reading?
You can get one done every six months. If you want to discover more about yourself, go more frequently.

Can we get a Reading on behalf of others?
No, because a person’s Akashic Records can only be opened with his or her permission. You can have a family member or friend in a session but it’s best to come alone. Sometimes, when your and a family member’s journeys are intertwined, we can glean some insight on the latter.

For instance, your parent is going through a hard time and not sharing anything with you. The question cannot be, “What’s my dad going through right now?” but it can be something like, “How can I best support whatever my dad is going through right now?” As such, the question has to be asked based on what you can do about a situation.

You might be surprised to know that many things have a Record: properties, couples and even pets.

Ruby in Macritchie

How do you hope to help others with this ability to “connect”?
I feel a deep connection with Earth and its spirits and lifeforms. Everyone has a connection with Earth because we have spent so many lifetimes here. The problem is, so many of us have forgotten it – hence lost the understanding and respect for Earth.

Earth has been crying out but people haven’t been able to hear it. So I want to remind people of their connection with Earth. We want to care for anything that we love; if we love our planet, we will use less plastic, eat less meat and save more water. We understand that every action has an impact.

I connected with a tree in MacRitchie Reservoir once. He showed me the land before the fishing villages existed in Singapore. As I placed my hands on him, I noticed my forearms became incredibly tingly and hot – that’s energy, or life-force. I might be able to deny the visions in my head but I couldn’t the physical sensations. It’s amazing to feel the beauty as if I were the sister of a tree.

How did you know you wanted to do this?
I was my own biggest critic. A part of me knew I’d be able to do it, but the other always feared I wasn’t cut out for it. I have to work through these fears, in order to provide readings as accurately as I can. Being able to “see” visions often gives me confidence that divine information is coming through, especially since I’m not given any material to work with. Many things in the spiritual realm are very hard to define and prove using logic, so I’ll never try to convince a sceptic – it’s too much work!

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