Are Your Eyes Ageing Before You?

They are very likely to. Skin around your eyes is very delicate – it is four times thinner than that on the other parts of the face. Eyelids are the most vulnerable, especially since they are responsible for 10,000 blinks your eyes make every day. Oh, they could weaken further, due to ageing, stress and sun exposure among other causes. If you would like some help now, start with these.

Water is essential to maintaining the elasticity of skin, and the effects of negligence will show up most around the eyes. This is where collagen, elastin and fat cells are low, so it dries out easily. Your eyes can start to appear tired and become prone to wrinkles and sagging.

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Benefit Firm It Up! Eye Serum, $67
Lightweight and silky smooth, this eye serum absorbs instantly to deliver the brand’s exclusive Tri-Radiance Complex. By attracting and locking in water on the skin surface as well as boosting hydration levels, it aims to tighten and brighten the delicate skin around your peepers. Gently tap onto cleansed skin on the eye area every morning and evening.
Benefit is available here.

As skin around your eye contour is very sensitive, damage from, say, stress can cause the blood capillaries to break. The cells from these capillaries accumulate and create a dark purplish hue here.

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Orbis Hot Eye Refre Pack, $33
Enriched with botanical extracts like akebia stem, saxifrage and roobois, this gel-serum tackles the poor blood circulation and dullness that come with fatigue and ageing. It also contains a warming agent known as vanillyl butyl ether to keep your eyes soothed. Rub a pearl-sized drop between two middle fingers until gel loosens and apply from the top and bottom edge of eyes, working from inner to outer corners.
Orbis is available here.

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As tissues and muscles lose elasticity, your skin starts to sag. Fluid retention (as a result of salty foods or hormonal changes) can exacerbate the condition, causing your eyes to appear swollen.

Oils of Life Gel Eye Cream crop

The Body Shop Oil Of Life Intensely Revitalising Eye Cream-Gel, $52.90

This can be used daily as a cream to restore radiance, or weekly as a mask for deep nourishment. New to the brand’s Oil of Life range launched in 2015, it comes with the seed oils of black cumin (antioxidants), camellia (oleic acid) and rosehip (omega 3 and 6). By cutting water retention, puffiness is minimised so your eyes always appear fresh and lively.
The Body Shop is available here.

Insufficient snooze affects blood circulation, and can give your complexion an uneven tone, what more the sensitive skin around your eyes?

Jeju Lava Seawater Eye Serum crop

Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Eye Serum, $46
Some 400,000 years ago a volcanic eruption on Korea’s Jeju island caused lava to eventually harden into basalt layers. The seawater that filtered through these layers became enriched with rare minerals like vanadium, germanium and selenium. As such, this eye serum supposedly boosts cell activity to reinforce collagen and moisturisation. It comes with an applicator. Available from October 1.
Innisfree is available here.

All that tugging and pulling when applying and/or removing makeup can cause the skin around your eye contour to lose elasticity. This can hasten the formation of fine lines, which over time with the repetition of the offensive movement(s), turn into wrinkles.

FANCL Moisture Lock Eye Mask ($23, 3 pairs in a box) crop

FANCL Moisture Lock Eye Mask, $23 (3 pairs per box)
Gently press an eye mask under each eye and leave for 10 minutes. Remove, then massage remaining essence into skin. Use once or twice every week to experience the benefits of this hydrating formulation, which helps restore suppleness for eyes that look smoother and younger.
FANCL is available here.

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