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4 Reasons To Bet On Your Bottom

Women with generous booties are not only more intelligent but also healthier, reveals a study by Oxford University. Findings show that they tend to have lower cholesterol and glucose and higher omega-3 fats levels. Here’s how to keep your derriere in great shape.


Size down for a super-tight fit that props up the rear, pronto. Black has an instantly slimming effect; blue keeps things casual, while white is just off-the-handle sexy!

Style tip – throw under an oversized white shirt to perfect the juxtaposition.


Compression Tights
Sure, all the Victoria’s Secret angels’ leg lifts can do wonders for the bon-bon. If you’re short on patience (or time), compression tights will pack every jiggly bit into that juicy butt. Try it to believe it.

Style tip – double the mileage and wear them as pants out of the gym or off the mat.

Saint Laurent

Irresistible on babies but intoxicating on grown-up girls: think Catwoman in her skin-tight black onesie. Even a loose fit doesn’t undermine its sex appeal.

Style tip – make it boardroom-ready with some pearls and diamonds.


High-waisted anything
Teeny tiny waist, plenty of a**, and endless legs… What’s not to love?

Style tip – to draw attention to the waist, tuck in your shirt or, heck, grab a crop top.